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Cards of All Sorts - Heartfelt, Encouraging or Humorous!

Designs by Pat, Patricia McMahon, Greeting Cards, Any Occasion

Enchanting Jewelry Featuring Natural and Semiprecious Stone and Beads!

Jewelry collage 3.png

Meet the Artist

I have been a medical transcriptionist by trade for many years; but in recent years, I have discovered a more creative side.  I began making greeting cards and note cards for family and friends in the last couple of years; and this year, I discovered the joy of making my own jewelry. It has been a fun and transformative journey. Now, I would like to make you smile, too! 

I live with my beloved husband in Houston, Texas. I enjoy dabbling in a couple languages, taking pictures, making videos, and going on nature walks. With the help of medical professionals, I also produce videos and slide shows about health and medical terminology. I am the founder of


Translation: "Where is my pint?" (Irish Gaelic)

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