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Because I am Just Getting Started . . .

I am making this very special offer to my first few customers!  Buy at least one card and get 2 more for free.  In return, I need your help --

Tell me, in just a few words, how you liked your purchase.  Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like so I can get better and better.  Allow  me to use your review in my advertising, anonymously if you wish. (Neither your entire name nor any other identifying information will published for your security.)

If this is to your liking, simply select SHOP from the home page, and select at least one card from my collection.  Then email me at to alert me to your purchase, and tell me which additional 2 cards you would like.  When your purchase is confirmed, I will include the extra 2 cards in your order with my thanks for your help!

Do it today, this offer is for a limited time!  Only two free cards per customer, please!

-- Pat

I respect my customers' right to privacy.  I do not share or sell any of my customers' personal information.

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